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Dr. Cokefair started her veterinary career at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Prior to attending vet school, she was a veterinary technician in the Veterinary Emergency Services Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation from vet school in 2002, she relocated to and practiced medicine in Springfield , Vermont while her husband attended law school. Since both she and her husband are originally from Williamsport , they were anxious to return to North Central Pennsylvania to pursue careers closer to family and friends. Opening her own practice has been a long time dream, and she is very excited to have the opportunity to fulfill that dream. She currently resides in the Lock Haven area with her husband, two young children, 3 cats, and 2 dogs.

Dr. Sherri Cokefair




Cheyenne grew up in Salladasburg, PA and wanted a career working with animals from a very young age.  She started her animal experience working locally at an animal shelter in 2009, as well as another local practice.  Cheyenne has many pets of her own; 2 mixed breed rescue dogs, 4 cats and many chickens.  She enjoys doing outdoor activities and spending time with her husband and fur babies. 


Rainey grew up in Sugar Valley on a small farm. That is where her love for animals began. She has recently returned back to Sugar Valley after living in South Florida for six years. During her time in Florida, she worked at a veterinary hospital. She has been working as an animal nurse for 10+ years. In her spare time Rainey enjoys kayaking, bike riding, and horseback riding. At home she has 2 cats.

Jaws started her career with Calico Creek Veterinary Clinic in October, 2014.  She started out as a nurses assistant and eventually worked her way up to the office manager position.  Jaws lives a very spoiled life at the clinic!  She enjoys snacks, being brushed, sitting in cardboard boxes and shooting orders at the rest of the staff.  Jaws would also like to add, that she is NOT pregnant, she just has a little extra "fluff".  

Calico Creek Veterinary Clinic

Loni grew up in Lock Haven, PA and has always loved owning and interacting with animals.  She is currently a vet tech in training and is excited to continue learning about animals and how to help them.  She is a four year member of the CMHS volleyball team and enjoys playing any time she can.  She also enjoys fishing, exploring creeks and jeep rides.  Loni also spends her time tending to her own pets which include a dog, cat, fish, tortoise, hamster and a gecko.